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Cayla G., Mom of 3

We had such a positive and enriching experience with Sally. She was accommodating to our desires and always supportive of our decisions. She was extremely accessible via text, phone, email and scheduling visits was always easy. She loved on our older girls, too. When we had concerns about the home birth she always presented facts and research that reassured us and helped us feel confident.

During the birth, she helped my baby out! He had shoulder dystocia and a giant chest. During a critical point while pushing, she helped maneuver him and me to get him out safely.

Being in your own environment, familiar surroundings, feeling safe, all facilitate a sweeter and gentler experience than being in an institution with machines and needles and strangers. After care is so much better at home! You can eat real food, snuggle your baby in your own bed and sleep... No one bugging you in the middle of the night! And your baby will be cared for so gently and lovingly by your midwives.

Also, my girls LOVED Sally. She was so kind and patient with them while they often interrupted and watched TV during our visits. One time they insisted she read them a book before she left and Sally kindly obliged. My two year old said goodbye one day and then after Sally closed the door she insisted on giving her a hug! So we ran out the door and Sally gave Gemma a huge hug. It was all very sweet."

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Meghann M., small business owner

Sally is a very good midwife. Beyond having all the necessary knowledge and skills, she is very down to earth and has a steady, calm manner that is reassuring in the sometimes fraught experience of giving birth and preparing to give birth.

Sally was very warm and relaxed and knowledgable during my pregnancy. She normalized everything for me, which was very reassuring. During the birth, she went into pro-mode. I was very impressed (in retrospect, as I was in an altered state during the birth) with how professional and routine it all was. There were charts and vitals, but she also faded into the background in a way I think is ideal. She gave me encouragement when I asked for it. She was not intrusive; she let the birth happen.

After I had the baby, Sally was like my guardian angel! I never had to leave my home with my husband and my new baby, and Sally was there, frequently at first, and then continued to check in on us for six weeks after.
That service is invaluable.


marc F., french quarter tour guide and attorney

Sally helped my partner have the birth experience she always wanted--even though it did not go according to plan. Sally's strength, confidence, and calm energy helped both Shelly and me, as birth partner.

When Sally came to our home, she sat with us, talked with us, and took her time to answer every possible question. We felt empowered and in control of every decision.

Sally gave my wife the confidence she needed to remain empowered throughout her pregnancy and birth--and to enter into motherhood with dignity and beauty.