I provide comprehensive, holistic prenatal care and support throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum. This includes education, informed choice, lab work, and monitoring for deviations from normal.

standards of care

You are the decision maker regarding your care during your pregnancy and your birth. You will be fully informed before any procedure or screening is done to you or your baby.

When born, your baby will immediately be placed into your hands or be born into your hands and will remain with you at all times and nothing will be done to you or your baby without your permission and a full consent.



Yes, you can hire the midwife as your doula. I have extra training and skills to help you decide when to get going to the hospital. I will be your advocate during your pregnancy and birth to help you get your needs met for a positive birth experience. This package includes doula services at your birth, from the time you desire me until you are holding your baby and feeling ready for me to head home. One prenatal wellness visit and a brief at home childbirth education discussion and one postpartum wellness visit. Let me help guide you with my skills and knowledge through the birthing process.



Premium Postpartum Care

I offer postpartum care and monitoring to any family who desires some extra attention. This package includes a check up on you and your baby. Assessment for general overall health and wellness. Breastfeeding support and monitoring for weight gain. I will stay as long as you desire and provide help around the house as well. Like a postpartum doula, I will cook for your family, clean and care for you and your family however you desire.

$40/hour, 4 hour minimum

 Placenta Preparation

Many women look to placenta medicine as a natural way to balance their hormones after birth and avoid postpartum depression.


Pregnancy Wellness Visit

Ever feel like you wish you had more time to ask questions and discuss concerns with your OB, are 15 minute visits just not enough time to get the information you need? Even if you are planning a hospital birth a visit with a midwife to review your lab work and records can help you stay healthy and prepare for a healthy birth. We will discuss supplements, nutrition, physical and mental health throughout pregnancy. We will create a birth plan to meet your needs during your birth. Midwives are experts in preparation and monitoring for wellness. Let me help you achieve whatever goals you have for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. These visits will be done in my office.



Postpartum Wellness Visits

Even if you had a hospital birth you can still benefit from midwifery care. I will come to your home and check in on you and your baby. Baby weight gain and overall wellness. Mamas vitals, symptoms and overall wellness. Discuss breastfeeding issues. you can ask questions and get all the info you could possibly need to know that you and your baby are thriving and coming into the postpartum period healthy and well. These visits can be done in the comfort of your own home.


Phone Consultations for the Pregnant or Breastfeeding Family

I am available by phone for any questions or concerns you may have during birth, postpartum, and pregnancy. I have tons of knowledge and experience to help guide you down the right path during this time. This may include referrals if needed to other providers, PP depression or anxiety screenings, breastfeeding issues etc.

$40.00 per hour