Placenta Services


 Your placenta is amazing!

The placenta is a beautiful organ. It is the only organ that develops and grows within another organ.

It is responsible for growing a healthy baby. The placenta is the bridge of life between the mother and her baby during pregnancy. It passes the nourishment you provide to your baby, it also filters toxins to keep your baby safe. For these reasons alone, it is unique, amazing and beautiful.Your baby and the placenta are made from the same cells, which are formed through combination of the egg and the sperm. The placenta stays attached to the uterine wall while the fetus has the ability to move around the uterus. While in the womb the placenta keeps the baby tethered to life itself.

Without the placenta functioning correctly the baby cannot grow and be nourished. Therefore the placenta provides the gift of life.

Full Service Placenta Processing $240
This includes pick-up of the placenta, encapsulation, a tincture, delivery of capsules within 6 business days, and delivery of tincture within 6-8 weeks. This full package includes a $15 discount over the same services purchased a la carte.

A la carte placenta services:
Placenta Pick-up: $25
Encapsulation: $150
Capsule Delivery: $25
Tincturing: $30
Tincture Delivery: $25

Tinctures are helpful for women who would like to save their placenta for many years. Some women save placenta tincture for menopause or just in case it is needed later in life.

I offer a keepsake free of charge: if you would like, I can take your baby’s cord and dry it to treasure forever.

Answers to a few common questions are just below, in the FAQ.