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a little more about the midwife . . .

Most of my childhood memories revolve around deer stands, fishing, and three-wheelers in the woods of Mississippi. I truly thrive on the water or in the woods and enjoy spending as much time as I can in nature with my family.

My passions are teaching and educating about normal physiological birth and reading. I love as much fiction as I can get my hands on. My favorite book is Jitterbug Perfume.

I love going to the movies with my teenage kids and am really enjoying raising older children. They are fun to be around, easy to please and keep life simple. Nothing like the high needs of caring for a toddler (I have one of those too). Being in both worlds at the same time is truly a challenge but keeps me on my toes.

I love spontaneity. I guess that's one reason I love midwifery. I love when my day just suddenly changes and I am off to something unexpected. I try to stay out of routines and embrace change. I try to let it be.