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Transformational, uninhibited birth in your home.

I provide women opportunity to discover their own strength, to birth uninhibited, and with the least amount of intervention possible. Every woman deserves the opportunity to move through her own experience at her own pace. Birth is the most mysterious, miraculous, and transformational time in life. I’m an experienced and licensed midwife with education, skills and knowledge gained from years of school, and the generosity of midwives and birthing families.


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My home birth experience was a joy, from the first prenatal visit to the last postpartum.
— Cayla G., Mom of 3
Home birth was the single most empowering experience of my life. Sally is a very good midwife. Beyond having all the necessary knowledge and skills, she is very down to earth and has a steady, calm manner that is reassuring in the sometimes fraught experience of giving birth and preparing to give birth.
— Meghann M., Small Business Owner
Sally is amazing! She was always available to me whether via text or email. Our appointments were extremely thorough and took place in the comfort of my own home and on my schedule. I was a first time mom and very nervous, but Sally is friendly and warm and she is like a close friend from the very first visit. Her warmth, professional support, kindness and humor made my birth experience truly wonderful. I wouldn’t give birth without her!
— LAurel H., Sales and marketing manager

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I will always uphold the best standards of care for you and your baby. You are the decision maker regarding your care during your pregnancy and your birth. You will be fully informed before any procedure or screening is done to you or your baby.

When born, your baby will immediately be placed into your hands or be born into your hands and will remain with you at all times and nothing will be done to you or your baby without your permission and a full consent.


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MY NAME IS sally


I am a homebirth midwife serving the New Orleans area and Northshore. I love the outdoors, time with family, and my midwife life! I was called to this work and am proud to serve my community.

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